Casino Legality A Dicey Issue In Malaysia

Casino Legality A Dicey Issue In Malaysia


The legal standing of online casinos across Malaysia is a complex issue. Though their rising popularity cannot be denied, their legal standing leaves many big and major question marks. Being a predominantly Muslim country, there are strict laws governing the gambling scenario and the online betting world. For over 60% of the Malaysian population, it is illegal to use the casinos and any other form of gambling in the country.
This, however, does not mean that betting will straight away lead you to imprisonment or create a difficult situation for all those users who dare to bet? Well, not exactly if you understand the law well.

The Legal Aspect

Let’s first understand what are the legal provisions in Malaysia? The Betting Act 1953 is the primary law that regulates gambling in the country. It was amended in 1958, 1959, 1961, 1989, twice in 1992 and then once again in 2006. Strict penalties are issued for non-licensed gaming activity while there are many legal forms of gambling like a lottery that can be practiced in Malaysia without a problem.
Remember that these legal forms of gambling is more in the interest of the Chinese part of the population. The followers of Islam are prohibited by the Sharia Law to get involved in any type of gambling.
The state of online gaming Malaysia is far less clear. The betting Act does not make any specific references to them, and the entire market is essentially unregulated at the moment. The Govt doesn’t issue licenses to their sites to operate and makes access relatively difficult by instructing banks to block transfers to online gaming sites or the casinos.
Well, surprisingly that does not deter those who are passionate about this art. Most of these punters use an online site belonging to a country where it is legal like Philippines or UK. They even use bookmakers who are licensed in the country they choose.

The Alternative Route

One of the primary roadblocks is depositing money in these foreign sites for betting. Users can use intermediary sites that facilitate quick and untraceable alternatives to deposit money without the Govt tracking it down.
The online sites are advanced and give you the experience of live slot, spinning and shaking the dice just the way you would have if you sat inside a casino for real.

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