Diego Simeone: I would never become coach of Real Madrid

Madrid – Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone said that he would never coach Real Madrid. As we know, Real Madrid is the biggest rivals Atletico in the Spanish league, there is no written statement that Real Madrid is a team that should be defeated by Atletico whatever reason. Unfair treatment from Real Madrid to Atletico Madrid in the past is certainly a wound that will never heal. Diego Simeone has trained Atletico Madrid in 2011. Within six years, he has made Atletico won several titles, including UEFA Cup champion, won La Liga and European Super Cup champion. Atletico made it twice in the Champions League Final, but from both those games they lost by rivals Real Madrid. “I am still young coach, of course have the opportunity to coach other teams, but never for Real Madrid”, said Diego Simeone. With him as coach, Atletico Madrid are a very strong team.


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