Fans save the baby, the match Burnley vs Chelsea

BurnleyMatchday 25 EPL, matching the host Burnley against Chelsea on Sunday (12/02). The final score was 1-1. Pedro Rodriguez scored for Chelsea in the seventh minute. But Robbie Brady equalized with a free kick in minute 24. However, did you know that in the game there is a brilliant rescue? Not by the keeper, but by the Burnley fans. Rescue baby! In the 19th minute, Barnes getting chances and kick the ball. The ball was kicked, but not targeted. And instead headed to the stands. In the stands there is a baby. The ball which deviated drove right toward the baby. The ball rolled very fast. However, there is a hero. Just before the ball hit the baby, one of the fans instinctively walked over and punched the ball. The ball does not become about the baby. And the baby and mother were safe. True hero, right?



  1. future this baby will become football hero

  2. Goodmlucky..

  3. Good lucky..

  4. good luck

  5. Heroooo!!

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