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Dear Member,

Of behalf of Management, this is bring to our highest attention management team that some of he posting as blacklist posting is invalid , as we examine closer there are 3 posting from same person that:

  • first claim the email send behalf of Casino-pub: the email is the automatic email send from casino-pub to all the subscriber when have new post from the user in the forum.  as we do not have access and database for the user email for casino-pub, it is impossible to direct send the email to the subscriber.
  • Second and third claim :  Is usual normal customer sevices that guide user on wechat or wasap how and where to register to claim the rebate on wallet, if user can take a closely look .

Asiacrown818 emphasize on the quality of product and services, if any user have any doubt please direct contact us to check for the product as customer satisfaction is our priority.

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Thanks and have a nice day


  1. bravo

  2. is one of the best company i like.. they have good service, fast deposit and withdrawal, they cant be scam as they really care what i need to play…

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