M777cash scam again

Amount Scammed 4033

Do not try here, unless feel like u have to much to donate away. Nothing much to say. Just let all the players to have more safe website to go. 3 times deposit lose to 2 times, and my third time win got problem. Deposit 350 get bonus 245 and turnover is 25* so my turnover is 14875. In order to cash out. I took a few days to play the game. And when i ask bout my turnover they said my turnover is 20233 and i need 24250 in order to cash out i have rm2714 in my account tat time. So i continue play till my turnover is enough and asking to check my turnover. End up saying i got problem. Wat i can said is tat. All those casino is the king. There is no right for player.


  1. 有的公司有给cash rebate 0.8%的(不拿bonus),25千的turnover也有整两百返水钱

  2. Many casino websites (even the reputable one) will not pay new users that win big. I believe you have existing account with m777 and maybe the reason you want to play with your “second account” is to claim the welcome bonus. Based on my experience, it is better to pay at reputable website instead of keep hunting for a new website or welcome bonus.

  3. its a big amount.. ?

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