China is the largest growth areas for online casinos business, but how can the casinos operator and other firms process payments internationally from this market? There are bunch of options, but the is one of the most popular is WeChat Payment. This is a complete payment solution that is located directly within the popular messaging and social media platform, allowing local users to make payments in Chinese yuan (RMB) to the merchant.

One of the most first Online Casino in Malaysia which is now accept Wechat Pay – VExxxxCLUB (Wechat ID)

Here is how their offer and process: by transferring certain amount to their Wechat ID, and withdraw only in MYR through bank
100 RMB = 6250 Points
10,000 Points = 100 MYR

    • Minimum transfer: 50.00 RMB
    • Minimum withdraw: 3000 Points

Somemore, they are offering FREE 20% Points bonus on every daily transfer more than 100.00 RMB up to 8800 points (20 T/O required) to users.

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