MAS8SG/AM99SGSG Suspected same boss scam.

MAS8SG/AM99SGSG Suspected same boss scam.

Cut short story, more or less this 2 company is same boss, same website UI etc the way they make their WA group also same. Even their forum thread creation date is same in this forum, you guys can judge whether is it run under the same boss 🙂


Basically i won about 40k over at AM99SGSG, one day M8 rejected my bet because “abnormal bets” so i stopped betting with AM99SGSG because it was weird, i do not blame them for any operator rejected so i changed website and i come across MAS8SG, which is BOTH sponsor in this forum, so basically i deposited about 1K in the morning to gamble, and i won and withdraw about 1.8k, so i did not suspect anything. In the afternoon deposited 8.5k IN TOTAL with MAS8SG, gambled and when i tried to withdraw 8.4k they come out with some reason saying M8 abnormal bets which is completely bullshit, and they just changed my account details, but lucky i was still logged into M8 on my mobile so i am able to refresh my outstanding bets etc to see whether is it really M8 rejected abnormal bets or they are just bullshitting.


And you guys know what is the answer 🙂 they just used “abnormal bets” as an excused not to payout to me, i shall cut my story short and you guys can just judge them by the photo albums below.


Clearly after they say they will ask M8 to check for any abnormal bets, one is rejected i do not know for whatever reason, but the rest is valid so they should honour my winnings and not come out with all these bullshits. They are most probably some poor bookies.


Picture proofs:


Time for you to strip their sponsor title ? And also to the rest of you guys who are with playing with them, beware they will come out with all sorts of excuses when you are winning big amount, initially they will just payout to you but afterwards they will just give you all sorts of nonsense too.

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