Neymar Fights With Semedo During Exercise
Miami – Brazilian footballer Neymar left Barcelona squad training after a fight with new signing Nelson Semedo on Thursday (27/7/2017) Miami time.

Barcelona are in Miami, United States, to prepare for the pre-season clash of El Clasico against Real Madrid to be held at the Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday (7/30) morning.

In the video in the training session that has been scattered, Neymar seen fighting with Semedo. Some Barca players then ease the tension and Sergio Busquets holds Neymar to keep him calm.

Neymar then left the field, the cause of the argument is still unknown. With the incident, the future of Neymar in Barca increasingly speculated.

Paris Saint-Germain is said to be interested in the Brazilian. Neymar called to be redeemed for a transfer fee of 222 million euros.

Iniesta justified the Neymar-Semedo incident, but did not judge it as a serious matter. “It’s true there was that incident, which could be part of the practice session,” Iniesta said on Soccerway. “But nothing serious, a small thing”


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