Penipu kencing company VSTARCLUB

Members pls don’t believe this company VSTARCLUB, THIS IS BIG KENCING COMPANY cant believe, when i claim the free credit 3 at telegram after win i claim with cs they ask me to wait after block me, then find at whatsapp the cs is same ppl but he say will cash out for me ask me to wait ,he think i stupid dont know just now block me is him,then talk with me the block me is new staff,i wait 2 hours plus also havent received money ,ask again the cs then block me again, hey what trusted company? Maybe company no problem la, but the cs confirm can’t believe, cs can’t believe how come can play, no money pay don’t business ma, no luck win the money ask members help him play n win then get us luck to claim money with buy credit agent, when u use members win the money don’t pay with members back,nvr mind (but i wish the ppl will get always bad luck forever n all bad thing find him always every time n every days)


  1. dia nie Vstar memang b*** pon… orang nak claim dia suro datang esok , bila esok nak claim forward share smlm punya dia kata ” wah senang keje main forward je eh ” .. kurang ajar gilaaaa… then i reply. ” wow, u just give rm3 and demand so much, if i got winning im not sure u pay me or not, because everywhere i hear u kaki kencing ” .. terus tak reply.. hahaha

    • company penipu bru cuci150 dh block… bkn nye cuci 100 or 15000

      • 150 pon nk tipu company penipu…

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