Pep Guardiola cut the Internet Connection at the Manchester City training center

Manchester – Two games without a win seems to make Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola stifling. For the sake of making discipline, and increase the focus he decided to cut the internet connection in the gym City. City right-back, Pablo Zabaleta revealed differences in how to train with coach Guardiola and coaches before him. According to him, coach Pep Guardiola is a figure capable of creating positive relationships between players. With internet connection disconnected intended that the players relate to each other and chat verbally and leave the virtual world for a moment. “Coach called on players to have lunch together at the club, and no internet connection, no wifi, even we can’t use the 3G connection,” said Zabaleta.
Pep Guardiola gives some positive impacts in Man City, he proven pretty good record. From 12 games, Manchester City got 10 wins and a draw and a lost.(Cas)


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