point2win – no Deposit to win RM 1000 – Vol. 2

1st = 485 2nd =236 3rd= 441

#11447 order number
#10847 order number
#11419 order number

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不需要存款, 用你的point 买号码,有六百个号码, 然后Magnum 4d 选出三个会员,然后这三个会员讨论怎么在博彩网站血拼,赢了钱之后,三个会员可以选择平分或抽奖。

How many Lucky Numbers you want?


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How many Lucky Number do you get for each Package:

100 pts: 1 Lucky Numbers
500 pts: 6 Lucky Numbers
1000 pts: 13 Lucky Numbers
2000 pts: 30 Lucky Numbers

New member Don’t have point?


Just share FB and get one entry for this campaign, for more entries, please purchase point2win package.

分享 Facebook 可获得一个入场号码,如果想要更多号码,您可以用积分购买配套。

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How it works

Phase 1

  1. Purchase how many lucky numbers you want.
  2. Check your lucky number in 48 hours on this page.
  3. After accumulated 40,000 points, we will start the lucky draw.
  4. 3 lucky members will be chosen by  First, second and third result of 3 last digit of Magnum4d

Phase 2

  1. RM 200 will be deposited into the online casino and will start to play followed by the pre-defined playing strategy.
  2. if win, this prize will be lucky drew again between 3 members. if loose, no prize will be given .

Phase 3

  1. Live Streaming Game of Casino to play: Sic Bo
  2. Amount : RM 200
  3. Max Win: RM 400
  4. Strategic: Bet RM 5, double down if lose. (to be discuss by the 3 lucky members)
  5. After winning of RM 400, will be decided by 3 member whether to continue the game.

participants 参赛者


  1. harap dapat jadi pembuka tirai untuk new edition ni..dah submit 1000point..TQ

    • will update

      • bos mcm nak klaim free kredit

        • anda perlu dapat point dulu, lepas tu guna point tukar RM 60 credit

  2. hi admin,how to check on the number that we buy?

    • go to the superman page, click on the previouly result, then you can check

    • for the new number that you buy, will be update soon

  3. bos,,kenapa point belum update ya

  4. siapa yang dapat vol 1

    • please check on superman click on previous result

  5. raven 兄。。我的是几号哦。。

  6. What the my lucky number? ericlim5159@gmail.com

    • hi
      your facebook web address should be facebook.com/username
      please fill in the correct info..


      • Facebook usenama:ericlim5159@yahoo.com

      • thanks

  7. Where is my point

  8. how do i collect the winning points from scratch cards?

    • just check your point balance by click “Your Point”, the point collected automaticaly

  9. raven兄。。怎么我一直看不到我自己买的幸运号码的。。

    • please check the order number, yours is #10723

  10. Bos unlimited winer ka

  11. hi Revan…my order number #10993

  12. raven can buy 2x time for i draw

  13. this month already claim point to credit so i can still join this point 2 win

  14. 1 player can Purchase 2x for this

  15. I mean today i Purchase 1000 and may b next day i Purchase again 500 can

    • yes, you can, there is no limited for this

      • raven which is my lucky no.

        • check your order number in the list, thanks

          • my oder no 11257 u try check for me

          • At list don have my oder no.

          • just updated

          • At list don have my oder no. The list already update

  16. My oder no.11257 u try check if have at list

  17. When will update new list ?

  18. done sudmit 2000point

  19. gogo

  20. #11468

    i dont see my number?

  21. Bila keputusan kluar boss…point dah 41500 tu

    • the lucky draw is on this saturday magnum 4d result

    • saturday magnum 4d

  22. Raven how do i see my number?

    • you can check on the superman page

  23. alamak… rasanya semua x de luck ni.. last lucky number 507…. tp result kluar 803, 761 & 654…. mcm mana tu bos… nk tunggu next magnum 4d result la kan? huhuhuhuhu

    • esok result… hehe… goodluck

  24. 1st = 485 2nd =236 3rd= 441

  25. Bla result klua bos

  26. Macam mana check result??
    macam mana nak tahy nama pemenang??

  27. Mcm mine nk tau lucky Num and bile kptusan keluar?

    • we will update soon, we are received lucky number and will be update all at once

  28. Macam nak tahu result bos

    • we are going to list all the lucky draw member there soon…

      • Saya kena bagi nobor ke bos?

        • campen ini sekarang berhenti dulu, akan sambung balik tak lama lagi..sila tunggu

  29. 10847

  30. 2786

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