point2win – no Deposit to win RM 1000 – Vol. 3

The winners Lucky number is ….

Lucky Draw Date is on 5th Nov 2017

Description 解释

No need to deposit, Just use your point to buy numbers, you can buy as many number you can, after the member but the 600 Numbers, we will annouce the date of magnum 4d for the result, last 3 digits number is the winner number, if there is no winner, we will refer the second Prize Result or Third Prize Result.

不需要存款, 用你所在Casino Pub 累积的积分来换取幸运号码,当有600幸运号码销售完之后,我们就会宣布日期开始抽奖,我们会根据Magnum 4第一奖最后三个号码,如果没有人中奖,就会依据二奖与三奖。

How many Lucky Numbers you want?


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How many Lucky Number do you get for each Package:

100 pts: 1 Lucky Numbers
500 pts: 6 Lucky Numbers
1000 pts: 13 Lucky Numbers
2000 pts: 30 Lucky Numbers

New member Don’t have point?

Just share FB and get one entry for this campaign, for more entries, please purchase point2win package.

分享 Facebook 可获得一个入场号码,如果想要更多号码,您可以用积分购买配套。

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How it works

  1. Purchase how many lucky numbers you want.
  2. Check your lucky number in 48 hours on this page.
  3. After accumulated 40,000 points, we will start the lucky draw RM 200.
  4. One Lucky Winner will only be choosen by refering the Magnum 4d result(First Prize), if the first prize dot not have the winner, we will refer second prize and third prize result.

participants 参赛者



[gdoc key=”http://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SjeR64o_VyJpaqd3U8_OXvuEgCgkBYxLCGiQ78-VXjU/edit#gid=0″ datatables_paging=”false” datatables_dom=’lfrtip’ datatables_searching=”false” datatables_buttons().enable()=”true” class=”no-responsive no-responsive”]

[gdoc key=”http://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SjeR64o_VyJpaqd3U8_OXvuEgCgkBYxLCGiQ78-VXjU/edit#gid=521092491″  datatables_paging=”false” datatables_dom=’lfrtip’ datatables_searching=”false” datatables_buttons().enable()=”true”]


  1. ?

  2. bought 2000 x 3
    and 1000 x 1 : )

    • oh my god, why buy so many lucky number… later cannot win you will cry..
      anyway, the list have been updated, please check your number..

    • bila mau jalan lucky no ni?

  3. macamana nak tgk lucky ni… siapa y dpt??

    • you can go to the point2win page to see your lucky number, yours is 251, 252, 253

  4. owh ok…so bila boleh dpt tau result and y minggu lepas pny no lucky mcmana nk tgk spe y kena

  5. bila mau jalan lucky no ni?

    • you boleh check total point = 22200
      total point sampai 40000 baru kami jalan lucky draw….
      kami akan beritau bila bila sampai 40000…

  6. ok

  7. Mcmane nk tg
    ok kitapya point

  8. Kenapa lambat bos yg ini

  9. Saya sudah share tapi belum dapat lagi points!!!

  10. Lama nya nak tunggu vol 3 ni start , anyway mcmana nak tngok my lucky number yg dah beli ? order receipt dh hilang

    • you can check back with your gmail, you just type casinopub point2win in search, you can find your order receipt in gmail

      • .Raven, i suggest tht in the future, people who purchased 30 LUCKY NUMBER should be given the opportunity to choose any 5 numbers they like..and the next 25 numbers should be randomly selected..seriously, I can’t brain it when 29 numbers the were picked for me for me were in numerical order except for 1 number. ツ

      • .actually all my 30 numbers were in numerical orders. 🙁

  11. i need free bonus

  12. Hi Can u please add on my 13 numbers for Order #15213?

  13. Total Number is 346, order number is #13179, winner is Jsleu23 prize is RM 200

    • here

    • Help I am jsleu23 how to get my Prize

    • How to claim

    • I can claim this

      • If you read the post date carefully , it is 3 years ago. Its already ended long time ago.
        You may refer to our franchise forum for latest events instead.

    • Hello

  14. Lucky Draw Date is on 5th Nov 2017 , but now it is 11th Nov 2017 already

    • winner already choosen… please check the comment, we will renew the event to vol 4 soon

  15. helo?

  16. Your lucky:)!!!

  17. kalau contest nie tak jadi , pulangkan la balik point smua player . . adoi

  18. apa ni ? knapa lama sngt ? refund la balik point

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