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Red Packet cash prize

K138.com Red Packet Cash Prize up for Grabs
Now you can enjoy the Red Packet Grabbing Promotion with Spadegaming Slots ‐ Tiger
Warrior and Zeus. The Red Packet Grabbing feature will be launched on 2nd until 8th
October, 2017, randomly appears within 8pm to 12am(GMT+8) everynight. Players who
reach the specified total bet amount are entitled for this promotion, Play now to maximize
your winnings!
K138.com 新霸红包大放送 巨额现金抢不停
现在您只要在新霸SG 老虎机游戏《虎大天王》跟《天通雷神》中到达指定的有效投注
额度,皆可于游戏内参与抢红包活动。此抢红包活动启动于2017 年10 月2 号至10 月
8 号,每晚8pm 至12am(GMT+8)随机出现于SG 新霸老虎机游戏中!现金红包随你任
性抢!如此给力,速来新霸SG 老虎机尽情玩乐吧!


  1. Hi.nak tnye kalo dapt 100 point tu ape.still xfhm sgt join this

  2. Hi … how to claim welcome bonus ?

    • you can go to any recommended online casino to claim.. or you can collect point to redeem freebet

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