I received Free Credit Rm20 from this Company BOLEHGAMING.COM but when i win Rm800 playing game playtech santa surprise they dont want to withdraw my winning money Rm800.. 1st they ask to wait for moment to check then after wait long time they said not yet passed rollover but the time i claim the free credit Rm20 the cs only told me free credit 20×25 that means 500 can withdraw already but the 2nd cs told me im not yet pass rollover then i continued my game and play live game then i check back to cs bout my rollover and its more 859 so i can withdraw already that time my balance was 510 they passed me to other cs again and the other cs ask me to wait 15mins for proccessing the withdrawal and passed again to other cs again but after 15mins my withdrawal still under proccessing and when i ask the cs again it says the that have to wait approval from provider then they can procces my withdrawal but after that suddenly my account been logout automaticly then when i tried to login back they block my acc already..  This company dont provide whatsapp number,error email,error wechat id ..BECAREFULL GUYS WITH THIS COMPANY IF U WANT TO DEPOSIT OR CLAIM FREE CREDIT >> BOLEHGAMING.COM


  1. Rollover laa….
    Turnover laa…..
    This all thing is lebih one…..
    Only one thing, CANT AFFORD TO LOSE!

  2. Hi sir, after checking in regards of your complain, we sincerely apologise on the turnover calculation as our staff had indeed made a mistake on the calculations.

    However with regards to your account and withdrawal, after we have checked on your account, we discovered that there’s an IP clash on the same date. This has violated our bonus terms and conditions “this promotion can only be claimed 1 (one) time, by 1 (one) member restricted to 1 (one) Boleh Gaming account, from 1 (one) IP address in 1 (one) household”.

    Henceforth, we have decided to reject your withdrawal and to blacklist you from playing in our company. This is a pretty standard rule across all casinos in Malaysia.

    Thanks and regards,
    Boleh Gaming

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