UBE88.COM SCAMMER WEBSITE. I win 7100 and they refuse to pay with usual excuse abnormal bet. If player win abnormal bet but if player lose it is normal. If no money go find a job. Don’t open online website to scam people. Pitiful. P.S. I have screenshots of everything


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  2. Hmm? please show us more details mate cus as i can see on your pic on chat indicated mate didn’t complete rollover(17030/30090) i guess? 🙂

  3. Hi,

    I was worried about that (17030/30090) also and I contacted live chat to ask. I only deposited 850 and got 15% bonus so my rollover is only 15045. After that they call me and said their company not going to pay as my bets were abnormal. I asked in what way were my bets were abnormal and they could not answer.

    I have screenshots of my conversation with their live chat confirming rollover is only 15045 and screenshot of my deposit transactions on their website. I can’t paste or attach in this reply but I do have proof. After calling me they quickly deleted my balance, deposit information etc but I had already taken screenshots.

    Frankly, the reason I submit blacklist post is to aware people so others do not get scammed.

    Anyway, they can keep the money as a donation as it is really pitiful to make a living by scamming people.

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