VSTARclub Online Casino Scam Alert.

Hi CasinoPub,

I’ve been having serious problems with vstarclub.

My problems began on the 18th of June 2018 when I won SGD1530.45 playing slots on 8STAR/LPE88.

My 1st deposit (via ibank) made with them was on the 17th of June 2018. I deposited SGD 50.00 and the second deposit SGD 350.00 (claimed with Slots Deposit Bonus)

My 3rd deposit (via ibank) made with them was on the 18th of June 2018 I deposited SGD 350.00. I got the ‘Slots Deposit Bonus’ with my deposit and made it through the wagering requirements to request a withdrawal afterwards.

I requested the withdrawal for SGD1500 to be transfered to my Bank Account and the Balance $30 to be transferred to another gaming account Mega888.

I contacted them through their Whatsapp contact +65 9156 0813 for withdrawals. There were no replies for almost an hour, then I went onto their site http://vstarclub.com/ asking Support from Live Chat Support Agent. My chat was instantly closed and ever since then, my IP address was banned to reach their livechat at their site.

Then, I got a Whatsapp reply from them saying they did not notice and told me they were having technical issues told me to wait till 05:30pm. Right after that, My gaming account for 8STAR was LOCKED.

Since then they have just gone COMPLETELY silent. The reasons for which I did not get paid, and then LOCKED my account to me were NOT informed. I have called and messaged but they NEVER respond. Calls to customer service go unanswered. I am just being completely ignored. They’ve BLOCKED me on both Whatsapp & Telegram. I got my friends to help, messaging them and instantly they replied. So I felt I really had no alternative but to look at complaining on sites/blacklisted casino sites. I hate to go down this route but it’s a lot of money to me and there is no explanation or anything. I would not worry so much if they didn’t ignore me on chats.

It is not right for a casino to be helpful and responsive right up until the moment the player actually wins anything and then behave as if nothing happened and no one is messaging them. I hope you can help me to recover my funds. Thanks for reading.

(I’ve attached screenshots of communication between vstarclub, bank receipt and account detail page)









  1. vstar n slotking scamer

  2. Ohh

  3. My friend play at this company almost 1month. A daily player. Yesterday already deposit around RM2k, but when she want to wash RM500, she ID is locked and every staff went silent and stop responding mesaage but they didnt block my friend whatapps….weird!?
    Another thing i has notice is everytime when my friend want cash out, it Will took more than half hour to transfer the money even for amount like RM200-300.

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