W88 Genie wild SLOTS GLITCH just as free game landing and froze

i was playing Genie Wild slot on my mobile on W88 casino under qtech. It’s a high variance game whereby the free spin round is quite hard to land. Spent almost 1k betting ranging from 12.50-50 playing it in one session and all was going fine. And then,  As you can see from my screenshot I was finally  hitting the 3 scatter symbol on bet 12.50. Suddenly the ‘SERVER COMMUNICATION LOST’ (refer to photo)
And suddenly it just refreshes on its own and the game went back to the starting like how when I first opened the slot before I spent the 1k. It didn’t even continue back where it was disconnected. Absolutely ridiculous.
worst part when I made the complain they actually said no bet of that amount deducted from my account. As if they don’t understand what the issue was. It’s not about the amount that was not deducted! It was the total slot play.  just as I was gonna get the free spin bonus the game froze on me! What a cheat. That’s not fair gaming at all.


  1. maybe u should try to check back is that the winning spin with 3 scatter was win by u..
    i just honest to tell u and i was not helping on player/casino side now..previously i really facing can be say same situation with u,,
    when the time i play and spin on slot game i bet on 2.5 per spin…then suddenly i spin and have 4 scatter show me in front of my screen..absolutely very happy i was that time when i see 4 scatter…but this 4 scatter end up by showing me to see only..nothing happening,no response,no black out..just the screen stop moving..i find livechat and they tell me to close and reload the game browser..then i follow do what they tell me…then after loading the game no winning was count for me get 4 scatter..then absolutely i kick the livechat asss and ask them how now my 4 scatter missing..they tell me to wait some times like few hrs then recheck by open the game back..i sure not agree and scolding everything on their casino and they have tell me to cool down and try to wait 1st…FINALLY past 2 hrs like that i open back the slot game and my account balance have additional amount and the amount is from that 4 scatter..try to check it back

    • I checked and rechecked many times. Nothing. Game disconnected is fine if continue back where it was left off like playtech a or microgaming. This one when the game refresh on its own it just went back to the actual start like clean slate. So all that money that you’ve spent to get to the free spins gone just like that. And they expect you to just start all over again? I mean this is not rm1.25 per bet kinda game. It was 12.50-45 per spin game. Worst part is that the CS kept deflecting the actual issue and just said that amount of 12.50 where I have the screenshot with the scatter was not deducted. Of course la not deducted. Conveniently it was disconnected just as the game was about to land the bonus. The screenshot is evidence enough. They should at least reimburse or work out some sort of credit deal for the whole session that I played since it wasn’t my fault that it was disconnected. It’s their game server that lost communication or whatever. So disappointing

      • if the situation like this that mean they was trying to avoiding this problem and they just pretend nothing happen..
        bettor can’t do anything just only need to wait for final decision from casino…and their decision surely will very upset one…

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