WE88 Scam Money althogh sola aoi as ambassador

WE88 Scam Money althogh sola aoi as ambassador

This we88 new around 2 mths, saw it same web but different operation with winclub and got advertise at livescore, and got sola aoi as ambassador, got confidence test new web starting play 100, 200, to 1000 got winlose, and can withdraw, but today 5th sep 2022, got lose money to tennis Medvedev VS Kyrgios 2k, geram then deposit 3k to we88 and 1k to winclub to match Jabeur VS Kudermetova, and win, then submit request withdraw at we88 and winclub, u can check the screen shot below

we88 deposit 3k win 2340, winclub deposit 1000 win 780, winclub withdraw success and we88 pending so long 1 hour, then I live chat we88, when i saw her reply shit thing need 1 day verification then I know my money ready to gone

so what I advice to all, dun trust this we88 web, and later u win big u might facing same case like me , now they block my acc, luckily I got screenshot all proof, and I will publish all web 


  1. notice this post because you say sola aoi haha. But i dont know why because got “famous” people to be ambassador means trustworthy casino… Like that what pui yi also paid money to be model and talk cock for ads only, mai also got scam issue … why do you think whatever they say got credential. However feel bad for your bro, hope you get your money back or at least deposit

  2. yes this was dirty web, they might choose some player to hunting the money, maybe that day they lose too much money so to eat back some player as I bcome victim

    • hard to believe a site who spend tons of fund on ambassador just to scam a players, this doesn’t make sense………unless bro you got scammed by a few hundred k ??? Got proof ? Or just you have violent their TnC?

      • depends la, hard to determine who right wrong here, both got own side story. But If we use your logic to talk about this situation, just because they spend $$ to hire big model as ambassador, people will see them trustworth and wont scam. If i am casino , i really heng oh got people like you defend for me meanwhile i go random pick some people to “scam” because i got reputation, Just my opinion la, in the end , online casino not just gamble your luck on game, have to gamble on whether casino will give back winning bo ..

  3. OMG!! really ? i just success withdraw few k there

  4. what is reason they tell you ? even deposit also forfeit ?

  5. Me also got no issue playing there. I try their Free to Play WePredict and won cash prizes, they credited the winning to my account with x1 rollover and after play few round i managed to withdraw. so far so good for me and continuing playing this WePredict on monthly basis.

  6. lol I just got prize from their WE Predict and able to cuci. Won around 100+USD prizepool and able to cuci ard 2kMYR. You sure your betting or they just hold for verification?

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