What is your position Rooney?

Manchester – Having a jersey number 10, would have been present in our minds that he is a striker. But not with Wayne Rooney. He is a striker or a midfielder? The question arises because Wayne Rooney is not as productive as two years ago. In fact, he is more often feeds from the field rather than score goals and in the opponent area. Activities that would often carried out by a holding midfielder.
In the era of Jose Mourinho, Wayne Rooney is always stay at bench, Jose seems like to pair Ibrahimovic with Rashford or Memphis Depay in front. It’s like Rooney just for additional player in team.
Apparently the question about the position, make Rooney stifling.
Moreover, this week Rooney play for England at 2018 World Cup qualifiers againt Malta. “I don’t know, ask Gareth (England coach)” Rooney said. “I’ve answered that question, I will play wherever the coach place” he continued. (Cas)


  1. rooney is legend

  2. 曼联….

  3. Position rooney is a forward

  4. 我个人认为。。他不是在踢球。。他比较像是下场去找事打架。。呵呵

  5. attacked

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