Which club can bring Cristiano Ronaldo?

There are rumors that Cristiano Ronaldo will leave Real Madrid. This happens because CR7 disappointed to Real Madrid for not supporting it in case of tax evasion. Ronaldo wants to move club. But the price to be paid is certainly fantastic. Must set up billions of dollars. What clubs do you think could bring in Cristiano?

1. Manchester United
Of course, Cristiano Ronaldo is the result of MU’s upbringing in the era of Sir Alex Ferguson. He (CR7) is still part of the club. Even the nickname CR7 obtained Ronaldo while still at MU. With a lot of savings, certainly MU able to bring Ronaldo. However, Mourinho prefers Alvaro Morata rather than Cristiano Ronaldo.

2. Manchester City
The club is suddenly rich after being acquired by Syeh Mansur from the Middle East. Since long this club wants to bring in football stars. In fact, apart from Ronaldo, Lionel Messi is the most desirable player to join the club. What if CR7 & Messi play together? Hard to imagine.

3. PSG
The club is reaching a golden peak. Various titles have been achieved, because it brings many expensive players. Although it has won many trophies, but not one trophy of Europe that can be achieved. The owner of the club said will bring two of the best football stars at once namely Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. With his passion, and excellent finances, of course CR7 may still be brought to Paris.

4. Juventus or Milan?
It seems impossible. Juventus never wanted to buy a very expensive player. Juventus always buy players who are still fresh and young to be educated to be the best player. In fact, the highest salary of Italian football player Gonzalo Higuain, is still quite light when compared to Messi and Ronaldo. If Juventus alone is not possible to buy Ronaldo, let alone Milan. With no competition in the Europa League, CR7 was reluctant to play in Milan.

5. Barcelona
Maybe it could buy, Barcelona is a rich club. However, club rivalry makes Barcelona will never buy Cristiano Ronaldo. Moreover, CR7 is also not interested in playing for rival clubs.

6. Chelsea
With the squad now, it would not be possible to buy Ronaldo. After all, Chelsea are good under coach Antonio Conte. There is no place for Ronaldo at Stamford Bridge.

7. Chinese Club
With a big mission to make the Chinese league the world’s best league, many clubs with big funds are able to bring in famous football stars. It seems there may still be a Chinese club that can bring CR7. Just the problem, does CR7 want?


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  1. cannot be malaysian club? why cannot? who’s know that maybe ronaldo will join ATM or sime darby for a free transfer fee

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