Apr: RM300 Online Casino Free Bet
四月:赢奖金RM 300

This promotion have expired 这优惠已经过期

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“Minimum100 Facebook Friends Needed

 最少100 FB朋友“

Get RM 300 April Not Fool Online Casino Lucky Draw which follow the magnum last 2 digits Results. Hurry Up! Max 100 Lucky Numbers giving out from Casino Pub Malaysia. Following Step 1 to Step 4, just take 5 mins.

Step 1: Like Our Page 安赞

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Step 2: Fill in the form 表格输入

Close Registration, Result open on 2nd May 2015

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Step 3: Share 分享

Click the following link and share the post to your facebook wall.请分享一下facebook 文章。

Step 4: Get Lucky No. 获取幸运号码

After Admin have checked you have shared, we will list you down on luck draw board with your lucky number. Stay Tune to check your Winning On First Magnum Result On May 2015.

管理员检查了你的 “赞” 和 “分享”,就会把你列入右手边的名单。每个名单都有一个幸运号码,抽奖会是根据五月Magnum 4D 的最初开奖成绩。

Terms & Conditions

1. Minimum facebook friend is 100.(Facebook Like more then 2000, get two Luck Numbers)
2. Compulsory to like page & share post.
3. Qualified for New and Old Members of any Online Casino.
4. Money cash out is allowed with a 30x turnover requirement applied. Unlimited cash out.
5. Players will be blacklisted by Casino Pub permanently If we find duplicate Facebook account purposely to earn extra Lucky Number. Casino Pub will disqualify the player for all the Event promotion held by all the Online Casino
6. Casino Pub reserves the right to terminate players under any condition.


1. Facebook最少有100个朋友。(有2000facebook 朋友以上者,可多加一个幸运号码)
2. 必须 “赞” 及“分享” 文章
3.任何几家Online Casino 新旧会员都可以参加。
4. Turnover 最少 30次。无限至取款。
5. 如有会员尝试复制facebook 账户来获取额外幸运号码,Casino Pub将会永久性列入黑名单,所有online Casino 的优惠永久性取消。
6. Casino Pub 可在无需通知的情况下取消次活动。

Result is 71

Lucky Draw Participanets (参赛者)

Lucky Number / Name
00 B**** A**
01 K***** T**
02 F**** D***
03 R*** R**** M****
04 S**** H**** S**** B***
05 S** M***
06 O** M***
07 h****** m******
08 R*** S**** T***
09 s*** l****
10 R** M*******
11 m****** n*****
12 j****** k** j******
13 n** s******* r***** (double)
14 n** s******* r***** (double)
15 Y** H*** T***
16 Z*** M**
17 J* L**
18 K****** E*******
19 N**** L****
20 J**** T**
21 X*** V** Lee
22 M*** M***
23 R****
24 M*** N** H****** H******
25 A*** S*** S*****
26 s******* r** g**********
27 C*** P***
28 n*******
29 H** w** H**
30 A**** M**
31w***** o****
32 S***** W***
33 C* T**
34 M*** K** W**
35 P****** R********
36 s*** l**** (Double)
37 V**** W**
38 E***** W***
39 A**** T**
40 V** H***
41 E*** R*******
42 A* H***
43 m*** a**
44 B*** W**
45 N**** R****
46 c* t**

Close Registration, Result Open on 2nd May 2015


  1. win

  2. i wan rm 300 facebook name yks gear

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  5. boleh ka ada double pnny tu

  6. boleh ka ada double?

    • you perlu ada 2 ribu facebook friend

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