Wolverine Scratches 2.3

Wolverine Scratches 2.3

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Earn Points to Get Free Play Credit. 赢积分换取筹码!

Wolverine Scratches is created by Casino Pub for New members who do not have many points to scratch other high-cost card game. It Scratch like Wolverine, high possibility to win but it takes time. By the way, try the Playtech Wolverine Slot game, it is one of the Fun game for the online casino players. Good lucks.

Your current Point is :

[mycred_scratch_cards set=”13835″]

Rewards 积分回馈

Every Member are entitle to claim the same products once a month Only. 会员每月只可以一次换取同样的产品而已。

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Presented by Playtech Wolverine Slot

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  1. eventhough the card is low with point , but i would say it is better than hulk : )
    great work

    • agree!!i never won on Hulk!!

    • why cant i play hulk?

      • the cards have finished scratched, we will renew it soon

  2. I just sign up here and got 3 point, let see how far 3 point can go here.

    • ok, now how is your points balance now?

  3. 17 XD

  4. Raven,i alrdy purchase w138 myr60 credit with 4000 points?when can get it?

  5. order number :8475
    casinopub username : eugene86
    w138 username : eses86

    alrdy asked w138,they said ‘Please refer to CasinoPub’…

    • yes, we have to sent notice to them only they can process, else they will ignore the claim.. by the way, request just sent

  6. Raven,通常要等多久呢?

    • 我 sent给他们之后应该一下子有可以了,我看你现在已经玩到了

  7. 怎么才有办法快速加分呢?

    • 分享面子书,请参考 “earn Point” 页面

  8. 7 all. Lost

  9. Asyik lose je

  10. scrach what also lose few day never get point how like this wolverine also all lose

  11. macam mna nk dpatkn Free credit tu

    • just collect your point and change for free credit

  12. good

  13. get it to higher

  14. Macam mana nak.dapat 200points new topik?

  15. 为何扣我200分

  16. 为何把我的分扣200分

    • 一个星期只可以share 一次,你还没到一个星期就share很多次,我们检查的时候就会扣分了

  17. Casino club online all the best

  18. nice boss !

  19. ssh nye nk dpt 2000pt….

  20. no luck

  21. come to me luck

  22. tq

  23. Nice lucky

  24. plz give me lucky

  25. Addmin scarther wolverine Sudah habis

    • thanks for remiding, just reward you 100 points

  26. Why so many bad comments on hulk?well..i scratches hulk 20 cards for 2 days..i got 1200 for hulk..lol

    • hulk is basiccaly depend on luck, we have already stated there… because too many lose cards there

      • 嗯。。我括这个。。来来去去。。也是差不多那个还未括之前的总分。。100次。。晕。。手都酸。。

        • 哈哈。。。你没有运气

          • 原来运气在hulk那边。。终于让我拿到了。。谢谢。。

  27. before the new cards added on hulk,i actually hate to scratch hulk card as all the hard points get from spiderman,wolferine and captain america will lose all my points on hulk. quite lucky for last 2 days,get 300 and today the luckier get 600..from 600 just to almost 2k liao!!!wohohoho..thanks admin for added new hulk scratch card

    • chinese new year coming… let all happy happy

  28. 赢不多分而已

  29. hulk is best. i won 1000

  30. Win the point 100

  31. hulk cards still not reloaded ?

  32. Bos dalam scratches worwerine betul ke ada 20000 pcs/5000/2500 ? Takde orang pernah dapat pun .

    • ada 5000 card ialah 3 point… bukan satu card ada 5000 points

  33. FOR ME…
    wolwerine adalah kad yg paling sesuai digores terlebih dahulu jika baki point x cukup utk beli semua jenis casino scratch yg lain.. dan hulk yg last skali. everyday 100 point habis kat hulk. tp everyday wolwerine blh cover blk point yg habis kat hulk tu.. tp kena sabar la nk kena habis kan 100 kad tu dgn ganjaran point yg rendah setiap kali gores.. kalau x habis mmg x nampak tak seberapa point yg dpt.. tp apa pun kalau ada LUCK .. main la yg mana dulu pn…

    • you know the point, so you got the points.

  34. kalau admin upgrade blh beli dan gores lebih dr 1 kad pada satu masa lagi menarik dan menjimatkan masa rasanya…

    • maksudnya letak semua card di satu page?

    • this is not allowed, sorry

  35. Admin..the wolverine card have been sold out,please renew it..

    • ok… thanks for reminding, reward silver coin

  36. wolverrine sold out

  37. card have been sold out,please renew it

  38. card sudah habisv…..

  39. baru saja dapat 1000 point di hulk

  40. semalam saya main dafabet 100 tapi tada silver coin punya.

    • you need to submit yourself

  41. hulk and wolverine card already sold out admin
    plz renew .

  42. birthday claim

    • the hulk card have finished, after developer renew it, we will awarded to you, thanks

  43. 为什么我进w88 rm100 没有得到银币的?

  44. 我已经题交了不知道有没有过,还有我不会用laptop来写华文,又不会英文!

    • 你要screen shot w88 的后台画面,而不是bank slip, 因为我们是不是到他们的account number 的

  45. The card have been sold out

  46. hi Raven The card have been sold out please renew the set of card, thanks.

  47. wolverine card already sold out admin
    plz renew .

  48. sudah lama tiap tiap hari kala point !

  49. The card have been sold out,Admin please renew the set of card, thanks.

  50. macam mna w138

    • hi, our terms state that, only one freebet can be claim one time monthly.. we have refund 50% of your points, please check…

  51. It’s Wolverine

  52. 我上个月20号claim, 现在能claim 吗?w138 rm60

    • 必须level up rank 才可以再 claim

  53. Apakah kegunaan dan fungsi lucky point…????

    • mana lucky point? the point digunakan untuk tukar Free Credit

  54. Try refresh ur page first b4 scratch….i get 20 n that is bigger number so far i got,

  55. how toupdate rank

    • check get started page..
      1. deposit..
      2. member post to find a good article to post

  56. raven,have already purchase w138 with 4000points.when can i get the credit?

    order num ~ 12385

    • yes, please w138 by tonight.. thanks

  57. Definitely having the best luck on this one out of all the card scratchies..

  58. Paint need

  59. raven ..我申请了拿生日奖励那dr strange在哪里进入 ?

  60. raven ,my silver claim 帮我验证升级下,
    w138 100
    email:[email protected]
    tq very much ?

  61. Woww

  62. again..bigg point ?????

  63. Can’t play – Receiving “Invalid card set id” like previous Hulk 2.1 error

  64. Card already sold out

  65. Hello card already sold out

  66. nice scratch…

  67. Many choice

  68. Hah

  69. Needing point to grow up my acc

  70. 不好

  71. 老牙的!!!

  72. best

  73. Nice

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