I want to make a report [ www.Emperorwin.com ] is a SCAM ! I deposit RM123 to CIMB, A/C: 70643-11939. Name: TERN ZHI QIAN. i have play this game until I WON RM1000 and emperorwin.com say this is big amount must wait for boss approval. so i try to change withdrwal amount to $400 and successful ! so i am have get back confidence and balance $600 keep inside game account.

The next day, i continue play this game and I WON up to RM1880.40 in account game balance and this company just BLOCKED WHATSAPP, WECHAT, LIVECHAT from website. I try to call and the phone is REJECTED my call as well. so i have try ask friend help and friend is using his house pc and can live chat this copany and can help my friend open account as well BUT my friend ask what happen with the game ID account balance is RM1880.40 and you have just block and NOT then this company also BLOCKED my friend as well.

When i login back to this www.855casino.org and want to have a look inside account balance any technical error or not, then i was SHOCK because account balance left RM 0.40

I am CHEATED by this SCAM CASINO amount RM1880 !!!!!!


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