wynn996.com scam? no, it is not. 欺诈不成立

最近我在一个网络赌场,wynn996.com 进款了RM2,000,并拿了20% 每日优惠RM400。在我打完了流水后,想要提款时,突然间客户信息箱消失了,连户口也无法登入了。一共RM9,485.00 被黑了,请大家别去玩这家赌场。

I made a deposit RM2,000 and claimed daily 20% bonus RM400 at wynn996.com. I was scammed a total of RM9.485.00 from this website. The account was frozen and no withdrawal is made by the casino side. Even the customer service box was disappeared. Please avoid playing at this casino


  1. I used to play at this site and out of curiosity try to enter after reading this post but the site has been removed. Another small time operator that cannot afford to lose when customer wins big. They will now change name and look for unsuspecting customers to scam again. Nothing we can do about it except to play just on few really trustworthy sites

  2. agreed

  3. Hi, Im from Wynn996 customer service, let me clear this issue here,

    1) Firstly the guys who is writing this post is a scammer, and no such incident took place. We pay our customer winning about 50K to ratio of 100K, and yet this guy claims we cheat his 9k, which is literally a joke. Did you place opposite bets sir?

    2) Our website Url is block by government due to illegal issue in our country and the url is changed but still the same name we didn’t change our name of our company as we have good reputations with our customers. Don’t make false statement that aren’t real please. Thank you!!

    3) Dylangan, you making statement that is not relevant at all, small time operator? hahah are you from a competitor casino sites who are jealous of our achievements, So sorry you have to do this small time harassment over our website to increase yours. I totally understand how it feels to start up small company like yours, My best wishes for you, even though you wish us the opposite.

  4. since the owner of operator have replied, we need more proof of images and many scam cases to categoried this casino into blacklisted listing, so this will move to normal post at the moment…

  5. Haven’t face any issue so far no problem playing at their site almost 1 year now , tip top service and their customer service is good, at times they give you extra bonuses if they notice you have been depositing many times a day. Withdrawal up to 17k just yesterday, they paid me without no probem, This is just my experience playing with them so far. Saw this post decide to share my experience with you guys.

  6. this company is good company, not a scammer, just the players are bonus hunters, they play bet opposite then when the company found out they dont want to withdraw because the players have break the law, thats why

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