YaboClub Lousy Company – Refused Payment for 1K

Claim the welcome bonus and win 1000..The CS called me after submit the withdrawal, said the account dint receive the betting history from AsiaGaming. I share the betting history then the CS keep said many excuses and ask me wait for 24 hours. Then i wait until 24 hours past, he contact me again and said they need investigate my betting history and said his company wont cheat the customer..i laugh and tell him because 1000 he want spoil his company name in market. Let us boycott this company.

This is the turnover, target is 6000, i hit 9k ++

Withdrawal 1000 history

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  1. comfirm its a scam.ialso been trapped,withdraw 1.4k but ask to wait for 3 days for investigation.
    after 3 days simply say bets got problem.
    must becareful they also have some other casinos site is doing the same scam .
    Usually better promo to trap people and the webpage design almost the same.

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