Abdelhak Nouri suffered Permanent Brain Damage

Zillertal – Abdelhak Nouri, young soccer player Ajax Amsterdam, suddenly fell on the field in a friendly against Wender Bremen. This very serious problem happened to this young man, he suffered permanent brain damage.

The match took place on Thursday 13 July 2017. At that time, there was a friendly match between Werder Bremen against Ajax Amsterdam. The 20-year-old footballer suddenly fell. The match took place in Zillertal, Austria, last weekend. The incident happened in the 73rd minute.

Nouri got medical help on the field for 15 minutes, before being rushed to the hospital by helicopter. Ajax Twitter account had called Nouri suffered heartbeat disorders. Ajax later gave additional information that the Dutch midfielder suffered permanent brain damage. “Appie Nouri was diagnosed with serious and permanent brain damage, our thoughts and prayers given to him and his loved ones,” Ajax quoted the BBC as saying.



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