DOM188 Scammer

stay away from this casino, they utterly scammer. If U win only small amount they will tell u to wait for 5-7days and dint pay a single sen after that. They will just block yr acc and scam your money. I saw their dvertisemnet at Tom 188 and decided to give it a try. I am not good at writing in mandarin so i cant write anything about them there to warn others. Hope this post will benefit everybody and hope nobody will play in their casino to stop them from making easy money.


  1. Hi sir,
    as we find out you have clashed ip with many of our existing member. we believe that you are having syndicate betting.
    as i see the above screenshot, you have one tab excel of casino bonus. we believe that you are having syndicate betting at our company. Therefore, we decide to freeze your account due to the violation of our company Promotion TNC.
    Have a Nice Day

    Thank You Sir

    • Dont try to bullshit here, i m not the only one complain about you, you shld know better than this. I dnt even understand what syndicate u r talking about. I used to keep a list of casino bonus , so that i can remember which one is having what promotion. I called that organize not syndicate. If you call me syndicate then u r mafia. Again, If i am syndicate then why u keep on recieving my deposit not once but many times and gave me bonus again?????
      When i lost i m not syndicate but when i won i m one. This is the first time i won and u took 5-7 days to chk. If i am syndicate ,why I never heard a word about syndicate from u when u reject my withdrawal, u only told me to wait for ridiculous 5 to 7 days with the reason abnormal betting. Ha ha ha what is that? I think only winner has abnormal betting. Cheat again…
      Clashed ip??? I am using phone to play . Even though i am not an expert but i surely know phone always has difrent ip because we move around. So getting same ip as others in an area can happen sometime. I believed all this has nothing to do with my case. U r only using this ip thing to make me look like i m guilty and you are the victim. The only problem with your company is only want to make easy money. Anybody who won will be treated the same way like me.
      Another question is why u dint freeze my account when i first made my withdrawal. Only ask me to wait for few days. When i went back to chk after few days my account is still valid and u still dint said anything about ip clashed nor i am a syndicate kind of things. I dnt even know when u closed my account afterthat, i also do not even want to know. I am so disappointed. Only now u see this post u said u freeze my account and again want to show others that u r not scamming but me. Let me tell u something, I will keep on warning others to stay away from yr casino so that u wont get away from cheating.
      I also would like to ask all of you who hv ever been cheated by this company to leave a comment to show support and everbody else how scam this company is.

    • Ya, one more thing. u said i hv clashed ip with many of your existing member. Did you frezze all of their account????? or you all so kind to still retain their account and wait until they won some money. Since u said so u must have all the data and prove to show here. Show it here, so that every casino know we are syndicate. Do something good for your fellow casino brother. Show the list here, if not keep your mouth shut and go do your scam work again and make easy money.

  2. Come in to leave a comment…. dont be afraid of this scam casino. Make them pay for their sin.

  3. Hi sir,
    we already have all the evidence,
    we have attached the evidence to tom188 admin

    Thank You sir

    • Evidence???? I want to ask you how do u know who i m ? by looking at the picture i posted? i dint even put a name on the picture. I think u can become a fortune teller. Then what evidence hv u submitted?? Based on which casino account ? u dnt even know i am and now suddenly u said u hv submited evidence. i only put my name as mr. Teng. U only have 1 account registred as Teng in your casino????
      Dont try to tell lie. A lie need another bigger and ridiculous lie to cover it and u r only making a fool of yrself mr DOM188.
      Stop making easy money …….

  4. I hv been through most your comments and they are the same…. same tactic to cheat same tactic to reject withdrawal. Why do you care about how people talk about u since u like to make easy money by cheating. I respect a beggar more than u. If reputation is that important to u then dnt to something like that. U r digging yr own grave.

  5. Hi sir,
    Yes, i dont know who you are, but among the freezed accounts, we already have all the evidences to prove all these syndicate betting.
    Yes you are using Mr teng to voice out here, even you using Mr tan Mr Teoh, we also reply the same, because we got the evidence and not tactic sir

    Thank you and have a nice day

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