Duabet Blacklisted online casino

Never make withdrawal to customer. Please be alert. Dont be a victim.
When make withdrawal they will say ticket haven’t recover, ask customer to wait for 1 day. After another day they still say the same. when i ask when will make withdrawal. They will no answer at all, even call them also they won’t answer. (They think we are the first time play at online casino, they are SCAM, they are not a real online casino website) PLEASE BE ALERT.


  1. lucky i didn’t bet here.. huh

  2. Yes I win I love u

  3. Dun forget company U88club (0162722161 or 0162722313) also never make withdraw to customer, fuck this cmpany

  4. Duabet celaka.. lesap Witdrawal saya RM400+ satu hari sebelum website down.. maybe ia ada company baru/lain2 menggunakan nama yang diubah

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