How shameless can someone be, that would be .

This Casino has declined my payment claiming a vendor verification is required. 48 hours later, i was told my account violated their betting rules , which they do not have access to those information.

I don’t think they even read their T&C, cause nothing in it has allowed them to declined payment for opposite betting, which i did not even know what was that until i read about live casino.

They are claiming Playtech is responsible for vendor check, verification, and payout too. I contacted Playtech, they mentioned they did not have access to such information and it is not within their right.

I was accused for opposite betting but I was playing SLOT. Moreover, in their bonus term, there is nothing against opposite betting. On their site, you could see i only have played slot. Even with their transaction record it showed only slots tht i have played.

Want to know how ridiculous of they declined payment using their t&C except the T&C did not include such rule that prohibit opposite betting, despite i was playing slot?

EPIC fail.

stay away from such casino. Cause it is so embarassing to run a scam, without some basic intelligence.

Last for a laugh, on casinoguru they are reviewed as blacklisted too. You know what they do in the review session LOL.. Look at it. It is embarassing. Really. So embarassing.

I made a video for their conversation…

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