Promotion Rules of Serie B Changed

Roma – Serie B Promotion Rules to Serie A Italian league is indeed interesting. Four teams are entitled to a promotional ticket. For teams with ranks one and two will pass directly to Serie A. And teams ranked three to eight have to go through a play-off phase to determine who qualified for Serie A. It seems nothing special with that rule. However, there is a special rule between the third rank with the fourth rank. If the third-ranked team has a 10-point difference with the fourth-ranked team, then the third-ranked team will pass directly to Serie A. This rule raises the pros and cons.

There was an interesting incident happening last season. Where Frosinone FC is at the end of the standings ranked third, has a margin of nine points with a team ranked fourth namely Perugia FC. Only one point to qualify for Serie A. However, after the play-off match, Frosinone FC failed and did not qualify.
Seeing this rule, FIGC (Italian Football Board) made the decision to change the score difference of three with four. The final point margin is 15 points to be able to pass directly to Serie A. So, it is expected that the competition will be more competitive. Next season, Serie B will be more interesting because the legendary Parma FC team finally managed promotion to the Italian League’s second competition. One more step back to Serie A.


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