Never doubt zlatan

London – Who does not know how great Zlatan Ibrahimovic? The question is more suited pronounced 10 years ago. But now has changed, Zlatan already old. He was to Manchester United with the status of Free Transfer. In fact, many who judge the football Zlatan already over the edge. However, not Zlatan Ibrahimovic name if not a sensation. This is the Zlatan way. He proved to everyone that there is no old age for him. Age is just a matter of numbers. It all proved. Zlatan Ibrahimovic presents goals for United. In the FA Cup final yesterday, Ibra scored two goals with very beautiful. The first goal was “very zlatan”, he scored with his typical hard free kick, from a distance of about 30 meters. And the second goal or the winning goal MU, done at minute 87. He did it by heading. This goal brought MU won the FA Cup in 2017. Perhaps some of us still remember, when the Community Shield final. Zlatan did also scored at minute 87. At that time, the score 1-2. Manchester United beat Leicester City. Whatever you say, Zlatan is Zlatan. Always make people wonder.



  1. All Hail King Zlatan….

  2. 老将zlatan

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