Scammed by

Scammed by

BEWARE SCAM betting website. Joined since Feb 2020. Played and deposited almost any other day for about 4 months. Usually made withdrawals of 50 to 300 with no issue.  Mid April, made a withdrawal of sgd 1250, there was a delay but managed to receive about 2 hours later. Latest early June, requested for withdrawal of sgd 1300 was put on hold for more than 12 hours. After series of livechats and whatspps messaging…I was told that “management detected some irregular betting patterns” on my part! I was stunned upon receiving this kind of irrespossible and absurd findings. did not provide anything to sustain their allegations. To this day, there is sgd 900 remaining in my betting account, plus the rejected sgd 1300. All in all, i was scammed a total of 2200…Subsequently, my account was suspended. I cannot login nor even post on livechat..Sigh Fucking Cheap Skate

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  1. Would be better if you are able to provide some screenshot of your case so other user could understand it better.

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