#Updated 2 DFWin88.net Proof of Scam

This is the proof of dfwin88scam 

They mess with a wrong people so they must admired that their fucking company is really poor and scam people money

So if you fucking trusted company then withdraw my fucking money so i stop from viral your poor company….

im using my main whatsapp, my second numbrr whatsapp and my friend whatsapp to whatsapp the customer service but at the end they just blue tick and block me..





At last im using wechat and still same block me


Everytime i go their stupid retard scammrr livechat they closed the chat without reply anything 


  1. Many scammer…we should take action to them..report to the skmm,.remember their account bank number..
    Also can report to the commercial police…dont wait…i know many peoples has be cheated by some people like them(scammer)

    • hmm… good suggestion, we will come out with the form to submit their bank account and owner of the company registration if any one are doing scamming. this form you come out by this years.

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