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Online casino Malaysia is dotted with websites of many colors and creed. Some have a great array of games while many offer splendid bonus schemes. But most importantly a casino that does not have a suitable website to take forward its offerings or reach clients in the comfort of their living rooms is of no use. That is why the secret to a successful casino lies in an attractive, user-friendly casino website. Here is a top list: This website has got a five-star rating from most reviewers given the easy interface provided for users and also the safe payment gateway. It has an online casino and sports betting facilities and caters to a wide range of clients from Malaysia and also abroad.

W SportsBook Casino: This casino has also bagged the top ratings for its website design and decidedly one of the most convenient ones in terms of user convenience and ease of access. Predominantly a sports betting site, this one too rates amongst the best designed online casino Malaysia. The convenient mobile option is another added benefit.

Bodog: With a 4-star rating, this casino too boasts of the massive fan following and highly recommended by casino regulars. This online casino too is a 4-star rated site with state of art mobile gaming option. They have sports betting as well as online casino facilities.

EZG88: Amongst online casinos Malaysia, this online site is famous for having an advanced live slots and table games like Mahjong, Baccarat and Blackjack on the mobile interface.

7 Betting: Another top rated online casino site, the speciality of this website and its design brilliance lies in the functionality and operational convenience of the website. Another one in the 4-star club, this online casino’s website design too pulls its rankings in the top 10 list.

Live2casino: Among the top 10 but a decidedly lower 3-star holder, this website provides live casino games.

9-crown: This casino’s 3 star is essentially on the back of state of art table games on the online interface as well as mobile platforms.

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