VAR Technology (Virtual Assistant Referee)

Zurich – Recently FIFA has been heavily criticized for the use of VAR technology (Virtual Assistant Referre). This new technology used in 2017. And in the event Confederation Cup 2017, FIFA wearing VAR. This technology has revealed its prowess, when the referee annulled a goal from Vargas. Vargas was caught offside by VAR.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino again advocated the use of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) technology that continues to be controversial. According to him, technology is the future of modern football. As is known, FIFA is introducing VAR technology to assist the referee in making decisions. Its use is expected to minimize errors that may be made by the referee and the linesman.

VAR technology itself has been tested several times in a football game. The most famous is when this technology was tested in the game between France against Spain some time ago. At that time, Referee Felix Zwayer who led the game must make decisions that require consideration of the technology. Zwayer made two crucial decisions when he annulled Antoine Griezmann’s goal and endorsed Gerard Deulofeu’s goal.

And recently, Portuguese coach Fernando Santos has also complained about the use of VAR in the Confederations Cup which he thinks is confusing. However, Infantino refused it as a controversy, instead he considered VAR is the future of football.

“I am very happy with VAR technology so far, we have seen how the video has helped the referee make the right decisions.” This is the goal of VAR, “he told Soccerway. “The VAR trials during the Confederations Cup have also helped us to improve the process and improve communication, which fans have been waiting for for years to come,” he added. “This is a tournament that will be a football history milestone, VAR is the future of modern football,” he said.


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  1. Just like PES 2017 & FIFA 17. It’s good.

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