MalayClub is Scam Company

Hi Guys i want to take a message to MalayClub Member or Not yet join this website player do not going this website to play they have no credit,i deposit Rm200 take they bonus 15% to play.after that i ask they my turnover around how much,they told me need 400 more and i hit it,go click withdraw RM1280,but i waiting so long,around in processing 1 hour ,i chat with the Customer Services they told me turnover no update i reply no problem,after tomorrow i check my bank account nothing come,i going ask again Customer Services what going on i still not yet get my withdrawal, Customer Services give me a message is game provider suspicious me,tell me if have any update will contact me,at this time i still believe this company cause last time i win rm 2k withdrawal in 15min done,guess is maybe something wrong in system,so i everyday going keep chat with they take a updates,but every time they reply is same thing not yet update keep copy and paste same message to me,from 22 jan 2018 until now already 1 week and now i realized my win money is gone.Are You F**king Kidding Me 1 Week Nothing Update News From Game Provider.hope you guys can read this to take a action want to support this scam company or leave.Last time i still trust in this company but from now Sorry this company for me credit is broken i dont know what going on or maybe chinese new year coming or bank no cash or first time give you candy after that you win him money to doing this,F**k This Scam Company,Hope nobody in case like me.Finally I Still Lose this website RM1000++,The Fxxx Customer Service text a Update Msg for me:Not they hold my money,is game provider hold,they not yet update any new for Customer Services so this is what a reason why not update for me again..Shxx



  1. Hmm.. So many scammer nowadays. The scammer will always have reason after reason.

  2. OMG…

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