Deluxe77 Won’t pay customer when win big!

 have been betting baccarat with Deluxe77 for a few times. My first winning withdrawal RM1,200.00 was successful. My second win was about RM8k and since my rollover has been achieved I withdrew RM3k also successful. To my horror after about 45 mins when i want to continue to bet my account was blocked and suspended.

I try asking via live chat for the reason they say the casino has suspended  my account and all my winning balance about RM4k plus had been forfeited due to suspicious betting and also betting non-stop. What stupid nonsense excuse!!. Common its quite common for a gambler to play for 10-20 hrs in a casino especially for a retiree like me. I asked what is suspicious betting and where is the proof? They say no need to prove its written in the T&C 

I deposited RM500.00 after winning 1k i double up my bet 500 to 1000 per hand and a dragon came thats why i can win so much. Is it what they mean by suspicious betting? Or if they think i bet for long hours just to claim the daily rebate and bonus I would have withdrawn all the 8k and make new deposit again to claim the daily bonus. But i doubt i can withdraw the 8k, maybe the first 3k was successful due to the supervisor or manager was not there to monitor!!

I wrote an email to the management of Deluxe77 to appeal explaining to them I dont have a double account or using two account to play with the same IP address but they never reply nor entertain me, its already two week past now.

I hope all new players do not bet with  Deluxe77 because when you win big they won’t pay you.

Shame Deluxe77 what a cheating online casino!!

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